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The Veldt, TFF's Virtual Reality Studio

The Veldt is the Tacoma Film Festival's VR/360 film experience at the Tacoma Film Festival which debuted in 2016. Read Rosemary Ponnekanti's 2016 recommendations for The Veldt here

Why Is it Called The Veldt?

We were inspired by Ray Bradbury's classic 1950 story of two children who explore the mystery of a virtual African plain, Bradbury foresaw that entertainment technology could hold both amazing promise and unforeseen consequences. As a festival obsessed with the interaction of film, literature, and media, we wanted our VR project to evoke the wonder and anxiety that Bradbury captured over 65 years ago.

The Veldt features VR films, interactive experiences, workshops, panels, and filmmaker meet & greets over the first weekend of TFF. Learn more about submission requirements and deadlines here.

VR users at The Veldt
In 2016 we featured five films curated by Wondertek Labs' Kim Voynar and Nathaniel Pinzon. Read more about the films at our event listing here

See photos from our incredible 2016 Preview Night Party of the Veldt hosted by our friends Christopher Paul Jordan and Kenji Stoll at Breaker Gallery.
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