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TFF 2020 Film Schedule Visual Grid
In the TFF virtual fest experience, the viewer actually decides on their own when to start watching films/programs, once they are available for viewing. Films and programs are scheduled in 3, 7, or 10-day blocks, as shown in the above schedule. Films/programs will become available on Friday, November 6 / Monday, November 9 / or Friday, November 13. All tickets are on sale now; these blocks indicate the time frame during which the film/program becomes available for watching.

Films and programs may be watched as many times as the viewer desires within 72 hours of pressing play. This is true even when it is the final day of a film/program's scheduled run. For example, the film The Fever (A Febre) is available for viewing during the 7-day block of November 6–12. If the ticket-holder begins watching the film on November 12, it will still be viewable for 72 hours after pressing play.
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