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#2020TFF. It's happening!

September 22, 2020 | 8:00PM

Happy Fall Equinox, everyone. TFF is happy to be fully back after a long hiatus. We're pleased to announce that the 15th Tacoma Film Festival will take place this year, in an online version that will present 100+ films November 6–15. The full program of the festival will be announced October 1 (edit: it's up!).

We recognize that in the midst of a pandemic, an ongoing ecological crisis, mass evictions, increased momentum for the Black Lives Matter movement, and resistance to police brutality, that there are matters of consideration—locally, globally—more vital than a film festival.

Still: we do not realize the wholeness of our humanity without art, and the expressions that lie within. To tell a story does not essentially mean to entertain; to focus a lens is not a one-way ticket for spectacle. We believe presenting a film festival at this moment can be meaningful—can elucidate truths made more evident by today’s context; can offer joy, inspiration, footholds of hope, beacons of wisdom.

The films comprising our 2020 lineup come from filmmakers in Tacoma and from around the world. This has always been our ethos: we consider our festival a conduit to the independent filmmaking community at large. Filmmakers (in non-pandemic times!) converge in Tacoma at different career junctures, from locales near and far, with varying goals and trajectories—and the result is alchemy. We pride ourselves in this history of relationship-building and network-making; that our festival has functioned as an engaged hub for filmmakers and film-lovers alike. TFF has been a space for deeply connecting across varied perspectives. Though this year precludes us from gathering in The Grand Cinema’s lobby, we hope to still offer, virtually, a venue for meaningful connection.

We stand with those actively working towards life without prisons, police, ICE, and the chains of capitalism. We know, as prison abolitionist and scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore said, that “abolition is about presence, not absence. It’s about building life-affirming institutions.” So we too stand with those working for a liberated society—for all people, a vision to be dreamed of now, one that is racially and economically just, and where no life is disposable.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting films and filmmakers, from Tacoma and beyond, that help envision this future. We invite you along this journey: a journey that encourages reflection, one that recognizes that not all work is visible. To reference a few principles from adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy, a work influenced by science fiction author Octavia E. Butler: small is all, change is constant, and what you pay attention to grows.

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