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Short Films 2

Short Films 2
2021 | NR. 1hr 17min

In the Air tonight still

Documentary and narrative short films. Filmmaker(s) in attendance with a post-screening q/a.

Same/Different/Both/Neither | Brazil and USA | 19 | Adriana Barbosa and Fernanda Pessoa | Fernanda is a Brazilian living in SĂŁo Paulo, Adriana is a Mexican-Brazilian living in Los Angeles. In a period of isolation, far away from each other, they both reconnect through video-letters, inspired by the poetic gaze of women experimental filmmakers like Marie Menken, Joyce Wieland, Gunvor Nelson and Yvonne Rainer.

Surviving You, Always | UK | 18 | Morgan Quaintance | The transcendental promise of psychedelic drugs versus a concrete and violent experience of metropolitan living. These two opposing realities form the backdrop for an adolescent encounter told through still images and written narration.

Orbita | Mongolia, USA | 4 | Udval Altangerel | Trailing the first Mongolian cosmonaut, the filmmaker orbits her home through her camera obscura. Her personal narrative weaves into Mongolia’s past as a satellite state.

S P A C E L A N D | US | 7 | Caitlin Ryan | Long hallways, an orchestrated auction, and acts of disappearance, Spaceland, travels through the mysterious American landscape of storage units. Space that captures the line between necessity and amenity; between an interim life event and the more permanent obscured.

Quietly Violated | US | 18 | Isaac Olsen | Deeply personal and utterly anonymous, this is an exploration of the folk art tradition of the video manifesto, expanded with lush visuals.

In the Air Tonight | US | 11 | Andrew Norman Wilson | In the Air Tonight unfurls a ghost story beneath the night skies of Michael Mann’s Los Angeles. The film recounts the apocryphal tale behind Phil Collins’ 1980 superhit “In the Air Tonight,” which, legend has it, should be told aloud as the song builds to its climactic drum break. 

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