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The Pez Outlaw

The Pez Outlaw
Comedy, Documentary, Adventure | 2022 | NR. 1hr 27min
CAST: Eric Leukert, Jim Blaine, Katie Chrzanowski DIRECTOR: Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL | OCT 9, 2022 | MASKS OPTIONAL
Filmmakers in attendance. Q&A after screening.

The Pez Outlaw Still

There was a period of time in the 90s when pez dispensers were worth more, gram-for-gram, than cocaine or even gold. During this magical time, a small town farmer and factory worker lived his wildest dreams, smuggling pez dispensers into the USA from Eastern Europe and making millions of dollars. It was all wonderful until his arch-nemesis, the Pezident, decided to destroy him. This is the incredible fish-out-of-water story of Steve Glew, the "Pez Outlaw".


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