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Visiting Tacoma

Known as the "City of Destiny," Tacoma is far more than just the little sister of Seattle. Since the mid-90s, a thriving arts community has grown up within and out of Tacoma's gritty, blue-collar roots as a port-town. Tacoma has undergone a renaissance in the past 20 years, bringing in delicious restaurants and cafes, fashionable and quirky boutiques, as well as a number of galleries that supplement the beautiful museums and theaters that already graced the downtown area. 

The Grand Cinema and the Tacoma Film Festival are two important facets in this dynamic community of artists and art enthusiasts. In addition to its cultural attractions, Tacoma's location - nestled in the shadow of Mount Rainier - provides breathtaking views and a wide range of outdoor activities. Although Seattle is only a short drive away, we guarantee that you'll want to stick around to explore all that Tacoma has to offer! If your film is selected for the Tacoma Film Festival, we highly encourage you to make the trip to our wonderful and unique city - you won't be disappointed! Visit the links below and throughout the "Visiting Tacoma" pages to find out more about Tacoma, including its best restaurants, and a list of attractions and activities. 

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