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Short Films 4: In Time, About Time

Short Films 4: In Time, About Time
Short | 2022 | NR. 1hr 15min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL | OCT. 7 & 12, 2022 | MASKS OPTIONAL
Filmmakers in attendance. Q&A after screening. 

Shorts 4 Impersonator

No Spectators Allowed
| United States | 16 | Kanani Koster |
A true crime podcast host sits down with an indigenous women to record her sister's cold case but their individual intentions for telling this story come to a head as they examine the night in question.

Crashing Waves | United States | 18 | Lucy Kerr | 
Crashing Waves follows a testimony from a stunt performer who discusses both the ecstasy and peril involved in their labor to defy gravity, unfolding the months of labor, training, and danger implicated in the construction of an image lasting 5 seconds. Through a bird's eye view meditation on Malibu's oceanside, accompanied by the gripping testimony, Crashing Waves reflects on the stakes of the real in the Hollywood industry and emphasizes the importance of the ethics of care.

Mold of Malachi | United States | 8 | Mtume Gant | 
In the suburbs of America, a Black man's morning jog nightmare exists as a game for others.

Impersonator | United States | 18 | Andrew Norman Wilson | 
A Hollywood Boulevard character impersonator struggles to earn a living from photographs with tourists in its unrecognizable costume, and then returns to its LA River encampment to find the police confiscating tents. Without a sense of place or purpose, and a loose grip on reality due to the conspiratorial podcast it consumes, the Impersonator drifts deeper into the fantasy of its character.

Rachels Don't Run | United States, France | 15 | Joanny Causse | 
While monitoring late-night calls at an AI companionship service, lonely customer support agent Leah impersonates an artificial dream girl to chat with the regular caller for whom she's developed feelings.

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